Sportfishing in Costa Rica

n Costa Rica you can find many different places to sportfish, some famous spots are Barra del Colorado, Playas del Coco, Drake Bay, Lake Arenal, Nicoya Peninsula, Parismina, Ocotal, Quepos and Flamingo among many others. Here we’ll introduce you to some of these places so you can decide and maybe visit Costa Rica and do some unforgettable fishing.

In Barra del Colorado the river and canals are famous for their game fishing. This place has four of the busiest sportfishing camps in Costa Rica -Isla de Pesca, Rio Colorado Lodge,Casa Mar and Silver King Lodge- and some many lesser accommodations for fishing folk. This lodges are simple but comfortable and well-maintained, perfect after a day in the sun fishing tarpon and snook. In Barra del Colorado Tarpon are so common that it wont be a surprise to catch two or more, here you can also find a specie called “Gar”, one of the oldest fish on earth, dating from about 90 million years.

In Playas del Coco most hotels can arrange fishing trips and tours. Frontera Tours offer nature and fishing charters aboard a 13-meter motor yacht operates by Aqua Rica Yacht.

Lake Arenal, 1,800 feet above sea level, is stoked with challenging fishing and is popular with anglers, including locals who fish with simple hand lines from rafts or balsa logs. Here you will find Guapote, the most fierce fighter among the fresh water fish ; Machaca which is a relative of the piranha, whose voracious temperament it apparently shares ; and finally the Mojarra which is also tricky to hook but very tasty.

World-class giants such as 400-kilo black marlin, 100-kilo sailfish and giant tuna swim within easy reach of seasoned anglers off the coast of Nicoya. The Gulf of Papagayo is particularly noteworthy. Flamingo Marina is the major sportfishing center, although a few others like Guanamar in Playa Carrillo, dot the western coastline.

Over the headland from El Ocotal is Bahia Pez Vela, a sportfishing resort that nestles in its own tiny, secluded cove. Sportfishing runs are made in fully equipped nine-meter Boston Whalers and a 11-meter Blue Marlins. Package rates, include transfers, accommodations, meals, liquor, tackle, and fishing


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