The Birds of Manuel Antonio

Over 350 species of birds call Manuel Antonio home, and many more visit the park.  You’ll certainly see brown pelicans fishing offshore, and five species of kingfishers (martín pescador) including the brilliant emerald amazon (amazónico) species working the streams and lakes.  Despite their brilliant colors, Fiery-billed aracaris (toucancillo piquianaranjado) and chestnut mandibled toucans (Dios-te-dé) blend with the forest remarkably well. Other species including lineated woodpeckers (carpintero lineado), barred woodcreepers (trepapalos), red-capped manakins (saltarín cabecirrojo) are even harder to spot, and a good guide is indispensable.


Beleted Kingfisher

Belted Kingfisher, Ceryle alcyon (Spanish-Martín Pescador Norteño). These largish fishing birds are often seen perched on branches overhanging rivers and canals and if you wait patiently you may see one plunge into the water like a missle when a fish passes below. Listen for their cackling, crackling rattle of a call when in flight. (© 2004 P. Llewellyn)



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