What Makes Costa Rica Unique- Biggest Oxcart and Yoke in the World

2) Biggest Oxcart and Yoke in the World

Costa Rica Oxcart Photo: Katiana MurilloThe oxcart is the national symbol of the traditional Costa Rican transport device and it is also considered a genuine expression of popular art. The same applies to the “yoke”, a wooden apparatus which fits over the necks of two oxen and permits that the beasts can be harnessed together in order to pull a single cart. And so important are both, that in the country it is possible to find the world´s largest oxcart and yoke, created by reputable Costa Rican artisans and painters.

The oxcart, designed in 2006, encompasses four meters in height and six in length and stands out not only for its monumental size, but also for the vivid colors with which is decorated. In the old days, oxcarts were the primary means of getting coffee beans, as well as other products, to markets and processing facilities.

Costa Rica Yoke Photo: Katiana MurilloThe yoke, on the other hand, measures two meters in height and four meters in length, and was created in 2007 using hundreds of gallons of paint to decorate it.

The oxcart and the yoke are both in Sarchí, a community recognized as the birthplace of Costa Rican arts and crafts and a must-see destination for any tourist who wishes to appreciate traditional artistry.

Courtesy of http://www.visitcostarica.com

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