What Makes Costa Rica Unique- An Old Survival Ritual

8) An Old Survival Ritual

Costa Rica Tourtles Photo: Emel RodríguezMarine turtles have inhabited the Earth for more than 100 million years surviving extreme climatic changes, including Ice Ages. Costa Rica has some of the most important nesting beaches in the world where it is still possible to witness this old survival ritual.

Costa Rica Tourtles Photo: Kattiana MurilloOn the Pacific as well as the Atlantic coast, hundreds of female sea turtles representing five different species of the world´s seven species of these reptiles, arrive on Costa Rican beaches to carry out their tireless mission to guarantee their survival. For example, Ostional Beach, on the Northern Pacific coast, is considered the main nesting site for the olive ridley turtle, which is famous for its large mass arrivals.

The giant leatherback turtle cannot go unnoticed, even though it is in great danger of extinction in the world due to man-made causes. It is not only the largest sea turtle on the planet, measuring up to 1.8 m and weighing up to 400 kg, but also the furthest traveling reptile. Their journey takes them from their feeding sites back to the beach where they hatched in order to lay their eggs. In some cases, we are talking about a trip between continents. Other sea turtles that can be seen in the country are the green, hawksbill and loggerhead.

Courtesy of http://www.visitcostarica.com

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