What Makes Costa Rica Unique- An indigenous legacy that is still a mystery

 An indigenous legacy that is still a mystery

Stones Spheres, Costa Rica Photo: Museos del Banco CentralAlthough the indigenous populations inhabiting Costa Rica before the Spanish arrival did not build architectural structures rivaling the Mayan pyramids of northern Central America, our ancestors who lived in Costa Rica’s South Pacific left as their legacy a mysterious production of artistically elaborate stone spheres whose meaning remains a mystery to this day.

There are 235 registered stone spheres in Costa Rica, all of them equal in perfection, measuring up to two meters and as small as 20 centimeters. They were created over a 1,000-year time period that began around the year 400 A.D. and lasted until the colonization of Costa Rica by the Spanish. The majority were found in the South Pacific and constituted such an important element to these societies, that their production survived nearly a millennium.

Stones Spheres, Costa Rica Photo: Museos del Banco CentralThe spheres were associated with pre-Columbian populations and regions where plazas, passing zones and open terrain where present. They constituted an art form that was meant to be seen, perhaps to differentiate the towns in which they were made from their neighbors. The spheres were often aligned with each other, forming lines, triangles or rectangles with an unknown meaning.

These indigenous groups also became recognized for their metal and ceramic work, and Costa Rica’s South Pacific was, in fact, the principal locale for pre-Columbian objects.

Courtesy of http://www.visitcostarica.com

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