Costa Rica Travel: What Can I See?

Costa Rica boasts approximately five percent of the biodiversity in the entire world. Fortunately, the county has its act together. Twenty-five percent of its total territory is protected in a series of wildlife refuges, parks, and biological reserves. The national parks are more frequently visited by tourists, and provide a greater deal of activities and amenities.

Because of its progressive thinking, Costa Rica offers pure scenery at its best. It’s a patchwork nature-nation of cloudforests swirling with fog, rainforests, mangrove swamps, pastureland, and dry tropical forests, all ringed with innumerable beaches.

Costa Rica is a bird-watcher’s paradise. As for mammals, the largest ones, like sloths, jaguars and tapirs, are shy and rarely glimpsed. But you’ll more than likely see a monkey or a whole troop of them, swinging through the canopy overhead. You’ll hear the howlers for sure—-their rumbling calls can be heard up to two miles away!

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